Three Poster Challenges

AMBER WAVES, is a play about the challenges behind the idyllic stereotype of family farming. Artist Lisbeth Firmin donated the use of her tractor painting for their poster. The image was beautiful, but Open Eye Theater felt it alone might not tell the story. Silvertop Graphics was hired to design a poster told the story and grabbed attention. The design was also used in flyers and custom invitations.

SUMMER SHORTCUTS 9: Ninth in a series of 10-minute plays. OET had struggled in the past to create a poster image that communicated the short form concept, give each play equal emphasis and created a simple, compelling, overall graphic. We were hired to solve that design challenge.

THE HARVEST BRUNCH is an annual fundraiser event. The design challenge was to get supporters to understand it was a two part event. People were coming for the brunch but not understanding the auction was the important part of the fundraiser. We were hired to create a poster that felt fun and inviting while balancing the ideas of harvest, theater and auction.